Play one of four historic sides in this classic real time strategy game. Marshal your forces with mortal monster and immortal’s alike in your quest for conquest and domination. Victory will go to those that build the superior army and use it well with the favor of the gods.

Great RTS Game Play

One of the great RTS games of the last decade is Age of Mythology. Following common practices players build up a town that will support their economy and then in turn allow them to create units. these units are used to battle towards objectives and defeat any opponents on the map. The game allows you to progress through four different ages each one gives access to different buildings and units each more beneficial or powerful than the previous age’s. Create mythical units like Minotaur and cyclops create hero characters and gain the favor of mythical gods calling down their wrath against your enemies. Play through the story line campaign of Age of Mythology enjoying the deep and rewarding plot with interesting characters. Hone your skills against AI players before diving into multiplayer to battle your friends or strangers over LAN or the internet. In Age of Mythology the way you play is up to you!

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