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Bitnami GitLab Stack 11.4.3-0

Bitnami GitLab Stack is a freely distributed and multiplatform software project that greatly simplifies the installation and hosting of the GitLab application, as well as of its runtime dependencies, on personal computers, so you can easily run your own GitLab server.

What is GitLab?

GitLab is an open source and self hosted Git management application, which can be easily described as a secure, stable and fast solution based on Gitolite and Rails. BitNami GitLab Stack will install the following packages: GitLab, Apache, Ruby, Rails, Redis, GitLab’s fork for Gitolite and Git.

Installing Bitnami GitLab Stack

Bitnami GitLab Stack is distributed as native installers, which have been built using BitRock’s cross-platform installer tool. They are available for all GNU/Linux distributions, but won’t work on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

To install GitLab on your desktop computer or laptop, simply download the package that corresponds to your computer’s hardware architecture (32-bit or 64-bit), make it executable, run it and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Run GitLab in the cloud

Thanks to Bitnami, customers are now able to run the GitLab application in the cloud with their hosting platform or by using a pre-built cloud image for the Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure, or any other supported cloud hosting provider.

Bitnami’s GitLab virtual appliance

In addition to run GitLab in the cloud or to install it on personal computers, you can also virtualize it using Bitnami’s virtual appliance, which is based on the latest stable release of Ubuntu (64-bit), and designed for the VMware ESX, ESXi and Oracle VirtualBox virtualization software.

The GitLab Docker container and LAMP module

Bitnami will also provide users with a GitLab Docker container, which can be downloaded from the project’s homepage (see link below). Unfortunately, they don’t provide a module that could have allowed you to deploy GitLab on top of your LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack.

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