An Open Source and easy-to-install module for the PostgreSQL database, created by Bitnami

Bitnami PostgreSQL Stack is a freely distributed and cross-platform software that has been designed from the ground up to help you install the PostgreSQL database server on top of an existing Bitnami *AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) Stack product, for those who need the PostgreSQL database engine on their server.

What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open source, free, reliable, stable and enterprise-ready object-relational database system in the style of the powerful MySQL, SQLite or MariaDB database servers. It is an ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliant database server/engine that can be highly customized.

Installing Bitnami PostgreSQL Stack

The Bitnami PostgreSQL Stack product is shipped as native installers, built using BitRock’s cross-platform installer tool, designed for the GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

To install it, download the package that corresponds to your computer’s hardware architecture, run it and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. It installs pre-configured versions of the PostgreSQL database server and phpPgAdmin administrative application that can be used to manage your PostgreSQL databases over the Internet.

What Bitnami *AMP Stacks are compatible

At the moment, Bitnami PostgreSQL Stack is fully compatible with the Bitnami LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) Stack, Bitnami WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) Stack, Bitnami MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP) Stack or Bitnami Ruby Stack products.

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