What’s new in Enso OS 0.3.1:

  • Built on the latest LTS release of Ubuntu, version 18.04 Enso includes all the latest security and system packages from the main Ubuntu dev branch and these packages will be supported by Ubuntu for the next 3 years.

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Enso OS is an open-source and free GNU/Linux distribution based on the popular Xubuntu operating system, an official flavor of Ubuntu using the lightweight Xfce desktop environment. It aims to be a simple computer operating system for everyone and every machine.

Boot options and supported architectures

Enso OS is supported on 32-bit and 64-bit computers and it features the same boot menu that’s available on the Xubuntu operating system, which lets you run the live system without installing the OS, install Enso OS directly, test the system memory, or boot an existing operating system.

A beautiful Xfce desktop

At the first glance, Enso OS offers users a beautiful Xfce desktop that’s highly customized with a bottom dock to quickly access your most used apps and a top menu that works pretty much just like the one of Apple’s macOS operating system. It also features gorgeous wallpapers and artwork.

To ensure this high level of configuration, Enso OS apparently uses the Gala window manager from the elementary OS distribution, the Panther application launcher, and the Plank dock. Of course, all the necessary tools to configure Xfce the way you want are also present if you don’t like the default setup.

Great software selection

Enso OS comes with a great software selection featuring the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Parole media player, GNOME Music audio player, Ristretto image viewer, Transmission BitTorrent client, as well as many of the standard Xfce utilities and some tools from the MATE desktop.

A greener, simpler computing

That’s the motto of Enso OS and we have to admit that the operating system lives up to it. If you try Enso OS for the first time, you will have a great Linux computing experience that’s greener, which means that it runs even on older PCs no longer supported by Windows or Mac, and simpler.

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