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GNOME Maps / 3.34.0 Beta

What’s new in GNOME Maps 3.34.0 Beta:

  • Fix bug going back to already selected place from the search result list
  • Start immediatly at the last viewed location when app was closed last
  • Remember the map type (street or aerial) from when the app was closed last

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GNOME Maps is an open source maps application specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environment. It provides users with an easy way to search for a specific location anywhere around the world.

With this software you will be able to search locations, get directions, pin specific areas, bookmark favorite places, check-in on specific locations, and much more. It includes a very detailed map of the world, powered by the MapQuest and Open Street Map projects.

Designed for GNOME

Its user interface is very familiar, especially to GNOME users, and allows you to quickly view your current location, based on the Wi-Fi network used, as well as to switch between Street and Satellite views.

Forthcoming versions of the GNOME Maps application will include various attractive features like address lookup (reverse geocoding), routing, public transportation, and even the popular “Check In” or “Where’s my friends?” functions.

Getting started with GNOME Maps

The map can be easily navigated using the zoom in and zoom out buttons displayed on the map at all times, as well as the mouse wheel. In addition, you can double left-click anywhere on the map to zoom in.

Right clicking anywhere on the map, will display two functions. The first one is called What’s here? and, if clicked, will display the first most important thing in the respective area. The second one is called I’m here! and, if clicked, it will immediately create a pin on that location.

A search bar is also provided on the main toolbar, allowing users to search for a specific location. If one or multiple locations with approximately the same name are found, they will be displayed under the search bar.

Bottom line

All in all, GNOME Maps is the first modern and easy-to-use maps application that was ever created for an open source desktop environment, as well as for the entire GNU/Linux ecosystem.

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