GNOME Robots is an open source piece of software that provides users with a puzzle/board game specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environment. However, it is also compatible with any other open source graphical environment, as long as all requirements are met.

The gameplay of GNOME Robots

In this game, the players must avoid a bunch of angry robots that are trying to kill them. Each step they take will bring the robots closer towards them. The main goal is to terminate all the robots and advance to the next level until you rich the end of the game.

Fortunately for the player, the robots are not so smart and can be easily tricked. In addition, the game features a very helpful teleportation function that will teleport the player safely to another location on the board, or randomly.

Designed for GNOME

It features an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface that does not integrate with the GNOME desktop environment. The game is playable from the get-to, and requires users to move the character one box at a time.

On the bottom edge of the window, you will see the actual score, the safe teleports, remaining robots, as well as the current level at all times. From the toolbar, which can be disable from the View menu, you can start a new game, teleport and wait for the robots to kill you and end the game.

When finishing a game, players will be prompted by the score board, which allows them to quit the application or start a new game. From the Preferences dialog you can enable or disable sounds, super safe moves and safe moves, change the game type, modify the background color, change the skin of the robots, as well as to change the keyboard shortcuts.

Offers a full screen mode

A full screen mode and comprehensive documentation is provided, by default. The latest version of the game can be easily installed from the default software repositories of many GNU/Linux operating systems.

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