gnome-session is an open source and free software project, an important component of the GNOME desktop environment, providing essential components for its sessions. It comprises of the GNOME session manager, a configuration program that allows users to choose which applications start at login, as well as several other session management related utilities.

An essential component of GNOME

gnome-session is a required component of the GNOME desktop environment, and it is distributed along the GNOME Project. However, users can download the latest sources tarball from our dedicated download section above and install it manually using the instructions below.

Getting started with gnome-session

To install the gnome-session program on your GNU/Linux box, you will have to first install all of its dependencies, which are available from the GNOME Project’s FTP servers, Softpedia or the main software repositories of your distribution.

Once all the dependencies have been installed, you can download the latest version of gnome-session from our website, save it on a location of your choice, extract it and open a terminal emulator.

Type the “./configure && make” command to configure and compile the sources, followed by the “make install” command, which should be executed as root or with sudo, to install the program system wide. Both commands are run without quotes.

However, end-users won’t need to install this package on their computers if they already have the GNOME desktop environment installed, nor if they want to install the GNOME desktop environment on top of their operating systems, standalone or alongside another graphical session.

Designed for GNOME

Once again, we should mention that the gnome-session package is a very important application for the entire GNOME desktop environment, designed to handle the main session. It is compatible with a wide range of Linux distributions, supported on both 32-bit and 64-bit instruction set architectures.

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