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Go For It! 1.8.5

There are tons of very articles on the Internet on how to become productive, most of them packed full of decent advice. However, classic and small to-do lists as well as the use of the Pomodoro technique can also do the trick just fine.

Go For It! is a tiny productivity app that uses exactly the two aforementioned techniques. It acts as both a to-do app and a timer app, all in the name of keeping you focused on the task at hand.

How good is “Go For It!”?

Surprisingly good. The main appeal of the app is that it’s remarkably straightforward and well-thought-out. Your tasks are organized in lists and said lists are stored in Todo.txt formats at any local location of your choosing.

The GUI itself is very simple with a clear focus on the tasks. There are three self-explanatory sections, To-Do, Timer, and Done. This is a good time to point out that Go For It! automatically archives completed tasks to the Done section.

Everything is built for speed and simplicity. For example, adding tasks can be done by clicking the text field at the bottom of the GUI, writing up a task, and hitting Enter. The next task doesn’t even require you to reselect the aforementioned field. Just write the task, hit Enter, and repeat.

The Settings section is probably the most surprising part of the app, in a good way. It provides various behavior-related options, some GUI appearance tweaks, and the ability to change the shortcuts.

How to install Go For It!

The app is only available via Launchpad PPA. The source is also available on the app’s GitHub repository.

Installation instructions for other Linux distributions are available on the official GitHub repo.


Even though it’s not revolutionary, Go For It! is a stylish little productivity app that just works. It has a clean, modern-looking GUI, and enough customization features to make it worthy of your attention if you want something a bit more than a bare-bones to-do app.