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gscan2pdf 1.8.10

gscan2pdf is an open source project that provides users with an easy to use, modern and powerful application for producing multi-page PDF and/or DjVu files from multiple scanned documents.

Features at a glance

Key features include the ability to scan any document type, produce single-page or multi-page PDF files, generate single-page or multi-page DjVu files, automatic creation of text resource files in the .gscan2pdf format, compress temporary files, email PDFs, print documents, and much more. It provides users with a straightforward graphical user interface that can be used by anyone. To create a PDF or DjVu document, simply scan one or multiple pages using the Scan option from the File menu, and then create the multi-page document using only the selected page and the Save function.

Offers multiple front-ends

It supports multiple front-ends, including libsane-perl, scanimage, scanimage-perl, and scanadf-perl, each one with its own configuration options, accessible from the Scan options tab of the Preferences dialog. Furthermore, you will be able to set values for blank and dark thresholds, as well as to add user-defined tools and set the default operation for the OCR output.

Under the hood

Under the hood, we can report that the application is written in the Perl programming language using the GTK+ GUI toolkit for the graphical front-end. It requires several Perl modules that can be automatically installed by your Linux distribution if you install the package from the default software repositories.

Supported Linux distributions

Officially supported Linux distributions include all Debian and Ubuntu-based OSes, all RPM-based distros, as well as different versions of the openSUSE operating system. In addition, the application is available for download as a source archive that can be configured, compiled and installed in any Linux distribution as long as all requirements are met.

Bottom line

Overall, gscan2pdf is a decent application for creating multi-page digital documents from scanned pages, in the PDF or DjVu file formats. It comes with a great, easy to use and modern user interface, as well as support for multiple languages.