HardenedBSD is a freely distributed operting system for desktop and server computers, based on the famous FreeBSD distrbution. It focuses on security technologies and advanced exploit mitigation techniques.

As its name suggests, the HardenedBSD project aims to offers users a hardened BSD-based operating system for everyday use. It is considered a security-enhanced fork of FreeBSD.

To achieve their goals, HardenedBSD’s developers implemented a “holistic” approach to to harden the operating system, through various exploit mitigation technologies, which they call inovations in the field.

The OS is distributed as installer images in different flavors, a small one just for booting the operating system, a full ISO image with all components needed for a successful HardenedBSD installation, and two USB images.

Due to its nature, HardenedBSD doesn’t feature a live environment that the user can test on a computer before installing, so we recommend this FreeBSD-based operating system only to BSD fans and security experts.

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