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Junction 1.5.0

Let’s face it, context switching between multiple apps can be exhausting, especially if done for long periods. Then there’s the issue of opening different sorts of files using more than one app.

Just imagine having to constantly use the “Open with” option from the context menu of your OS. Sure, it gets the job done, but it’s not exactly a fast way of doing things.

This is where Junction comes into play.

What exactly is Junction?

Junction is a very smart application switcher. Its job is to help you quickly and effortlessly open files/links with various apps of your desire. If that sounds a bit vague, let’s just say that Junction becomes your system’s default “Open with” app.

Instead of looking for the applications in question and constantly having to use the Open with feature (or having to change defaults various times), you can just set Junction as your default app.

This way, each time you open a link (and you want to use one of many browsers), or access a file (and you want to pick from two or three apps), Junction automatically launches and provides you with the most relevant options.

Advantages of Junction

It might seem redundant for some, or finicky for others, but the truth is that Junction really has the potential to save you a lot of time if you just take a bit of time to learn how it works.

The app also supports keyboard navigation, which is good news for power users (who typically like to use the keyboard a lot). The effects might not seem all that important, but by saving you a few clicks here, and some clicks there, Junction will prove its worth by the end of a workday.

Other noteworthy features include the ability to choose the app to open with through a launcher/switcher section, to show the location before launching, and the ability to edit URLs before opening them.

Getting started with Junction

To make Junction part of your daily workflow, start by launching the app, and setting Junction as “the default for Web” (the first option when you first launch the app).

You can use Junction for all file types. Just select the file in question, go to Properties, and change the default app for it to Junction, and that’s about it. The next time you open the respective file, Junction will pop up and you can choose between various other apps from its menu.


It’s true that Junction is a very niche tool and will only appeal to a specific group of users and people. As mentioned before, if you don’t need it, there’s a good chance you’ll find it gimmicky. However, make no mistake, Junction can be remarkably useful when you oftentimes find yourself having to open files with different apps.