Korora Cinnamon is an open source distribution of Linux completely based on the latest upstream Fedora technologies and built around the modern Cinnamon desktop environment, a fork of GNOME 3. It includes several system improvements, custom artwork and a wide range of open source applications.

Downloadable as 64-bit Live DVDs

The user can download this custom Korora flavor from its official website or via Softpedia as Live DVD ISO images of approximately 2GB in size. The operating system can be used as-is directly from the bootable medium, such as USB thumb drives or DVD discs. It supports only 64-bit hardware platforms.

Boot options

While the boot menu is very minimal, basically allowing the user to quickly start the live environment without much fuss. Additionally, you can start the live session in safe graphics mode in case the main boot option won’t work, boot an existing operating system from the first disk, run a memory test, as well as to check the integrity of the bootable medium (only if using a DVD disc).

Traditional and fast desktop environment powered by Cinnamon

As mentioned, the operating system comes with the Cinnamon desktop environment, which offers a traditional and fast graphical interface that uses a single panel located on the upper part of the screen from where you can launch applications, interact with running programs and system tray area functions, as well as to cycle between virtual workspaces.

Includes many powerful open source applications

Another strong point of the Korora Linux operating system is that it include a plethora of powerful open source applications, among which we can mention Audacity audio editor, Darktable virtual lighttable and darkroom, Deluge torrent downloader, Empathy instant messenger, HandBrake video converter, GIMP image editor, LibreOffice office suite, and OpenShot video editor.

Bottom line

In conclusion, the Cinnamon edition of Korora provides users with a very stable, intuitively designed, fast, low on resources and productive operating system suitable for a wide range of computer platforms, raging from low-end to high-end.