Lakka, also known as the DIY (Do It Yourself) retro emulation console, is in fact an open-source project that delivers a well-built GNU/Linux distribution forked from the LibreELEC project (previous was based on OpenELEC) to allow users to easily transform their computers or devices into gaming consoles to play retro games.

Powered by RetroArch

Besides the powerful Linux kernel and all the internals inherited from LibreELEC, the core technology behind Lakka is RetroArch, an open-source and cross-platform retro game emulator supporting numerous old-school gaming consoles. RetroArch features top-notch functionality like video streaming, Braid-like rewinding, and joypad hotplug.

Supports all the popular SBCs and TV Boxes

Lakka is extremely easy to configure and use, and transforming your SBC (Single-board computer) or embedded device into a retro emulation console was never this easy, not to mention that the costs of doing this are very low as users will need to pay as little as $35 for the hardware required to run Lakka.

Supported devices include Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero, Raspberry Pi Zero W, Orange Pi, Banana Pi, UDOO, Odroid-C1, Odroid-C2, Odroid-XU3/4, CuBox-i, Cubieboard, Cubieboard 2, Cubietruck, HummingBoard, WeTek Play 2, WeTek Core, WeTek Hub, S805 TV Boxes, S802 TV Boxes, and S905 TV Boxes.

Supports numerous game engines and emulators

Lakka also supports PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 controllers, among numerous others, as well as lots of gaming engines and emulators, including EasyRPG, bSNES, UAE4ARM, Mr.BOOM, PUAE, Frodo, CrocoDS, XRick, VICE, and PocketCDG. PSX and N64 emulators are supported as well.

Supports cores include Atari800, Hatari, Snes9x, Beetle PCE Fast, FCEUMM, Beetle PC-FX, Genesis Plus GX, Picodrive, Beetle Saturn, Nestopia, Beetle PSX, FB Alpha, Handy, MAME 2003, Mupen64plus, ScummVM, PCSX ReARMed, Tyrquake, PCSX Rearmed, Parallel-n64, bSNES Mercury, Beetle PSX, Beetle Saturn, Dinothawr, Beetle PCE, mGBA, Lynx, Snes9x2002, and Snes9x2005.