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linked 1.4.13

A simple text file is enough if you want to write down thoughts, ideas, and goals, keep a list of tasks and even write short stories or essays. However, if you want to be more organized, most journal/note-taking apps are usually better, not only in terms of the features they provide, but also how they feel and look.

linked is one such application, a “daily journaling” application built using Electron, that allows you to write “anything and as much as you want per day.”

In short, it’s a mix between a journaling app, a note-taking utility, and a local calendar to-do list tool.

Minimal design and small feature set

linked is designed to be as distraction-free as possible. The GUI is modern and clean, with no extra gizmos apart from those located in the menu bar up top.

The app boasts full keyboard support, stores all data locally, allows you to perform quick app-wide searches, and even provides two GUI themes (dark and light).

It also supports various text styles such as code blocks, to-dos, and lists. The app’s settings section is the place from where you can change the GUI language, toggle between the two aforementioned GUI themes, and change the default location of the app’s database, and that’s pretty much about it. Simple, smart, and efficient.


It’s important to note that linked is a new app, hence, future improvements will surely arrive with time. According to the app’s GitHub repo page, some upcoming features include a monthly overview, a “days together for references” feature, the ability to sync content across multiple devices, and maybe even an iOS app.

As tested, linked is a nice, little app that does its job well, and looks damn while doing it.