Liquid Lemur Linux is an open source distribution of Linux oriented towards desktop users and derived from the well known Linux Mint operating system, which in turn is based on the world’s most popular free OS, Ubuntu, which in turn is based off of Debian GNU/Linux. The distro features a great collection of apps and a hybrid graphical session that borrows elements from the Window Maker window manager and the Xfce desktop environment.

Distributed as a 64-bit, hybrid Live DVD

The Liquid Lemur operating system has been in development for a few years now. At the moment, it is distributed as a Live DVD ISO image that has approximately 1.6 GB in size and supports only 64-bit (x86_64) hardware platforms. Being a hybrid ISO image, it can be written on either a DVD disc or a USB flash drive of 2GB or higher capacity.

Offers standard boot options

While the Live DVD has been instructed to start the live system with normal configuration in exactly 10 seconds from the moment the user boots the ISO image from the BIOS of a computer. Press any key on your keyboard during the 10-second timeout to access the boot menu, which allows you to start the live system in compatibility mode, check the integrity of the bootable medium, run a memory test, as well as to boot from the local drive.

Features a hybrid desktop environment

Liquid Lemur Linux’s graphical session is a bit unique from anything else you’ve seen so far in terms of Linux desktop environments. As mentioned, it borrows elements from the Xfce desktop environment, as well as the Window Maker window manager. It features a panel on the upper part of the screen, which allows you to access some frequently used apps, the system tray area, and the three predefined workspaces (Main, Work and Play). The main menu can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop.

Comes pre-loaded with a great collection of apps

Among the pre-installed applications, we can mention the GIMP image editor, LibreOffice office suite, Xfburn and K3b CD/DVD burning utilities, Thunar file manager, Banshee and Clementine audio players, VLC Media Player, F-Spot, Mirage, gThumb and Ristretto image viewers, FileZilla file transfer client, HexChat IRC client, Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Transmission torrent downloader, and Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger.