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Numara Calculator 3.6.0

Perform complex mathematical calculations, and define your very own functions for later use, all with the help of this Electron-based calculator app

What’s new in Numara Calculator 3.6.0:

  • Switch to new math.js default percentage calculations
  • Update dependencies

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Nowadays, literally all smartphones have an in-built calculator. Not only that but there are dozens of online calculators for everyone’s needs. However, when it comes to outright speed and productivity nothing beats the number pad + desktop calculator combination.

Numara Calculator is an Electron-based, notepad calculator that aims to provide you with an easy way of solving everything from basic to complicated mathematical calculations.

Why use Numara Calculator?

For starters, it’s a very good calculator app. It can solve a great number of mathematical calculations, and it does so in a very natural order (hence, why it’s called a notepad calculator).

It allows you to work on multiple mathematical equations and even combine them in various ways. Not only that, but it also allows you to add your own custom functions.

It’s also a great-looking little app, with a modern and clean GUI that allows you to choose between three themes: system, light, and dark.

Offers a surprising amount of flexibility

Another advantage is the fact that it is quite flexible and customizable. For instance, you can change the font size and weight, the date and time formats, as well as the number of decimals for the results (Precision in Settings).

The calculator’s editor is also very flexible. You can toggle feature such as autocomplete hints, syntax highlighting, panel divider, line numbers, line errors, keyword tooltips, and you can choose to wrap the input lines as well.

Last but not least, the app makes it very easy for you to print, clear, or save your calculations via three little buttons located on the lower-left side of its compact GUI.


Even though Numara Calculator is more a wrapper for the web app, it offers a very decent, and surprisingly powerful desktop alternative to other apps of this sort.

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