ownCloud is an open source and universal cloud storage server that can be customized and deployed on your own server in no time. It provides home users and small or medium businesses alike with the best solution for a complete cloud storage server.

Access your data from all your devices

It allows users to access data from all of their devices, makes sharing of files with other people possible, supports automatic backups, and keeps your contacts, calendars, files, and photo galleries synchronized across all of your devices.

The software features support for calendars, contacts, external storage, image galleries, skins, document viewer, application store, user documentation, file versioning, migration and backup, powerful search, tasks, undelete, and public APIs.

Supports editing of ODF files

With the ownCloud Documents components, multiple users can edit rich-text documents at the same time. It supports editing of ODF (Open Document Format) files, as well as to securely share and upload other document types.

ownCloud users can customize their profiles with avatars so they can be easily recognized, undelete files that were accidentally deleted via the web user interface, share their calendars, music, documents and image files with other users, keep their files synced to as many devices as they own.

Among other interesting features, we can mention support for thumbnail previews of documents, handling of conflicting files, an activity stream so you can immediately see what’s going on in your cloud server, PDF viewer, and to-do lists.

Supports mounting of remote storage accounts

Support for mounting Dropbox, FTPs, Google Documents, Swift, Amazon S3 and external WebDAV servers is also possible in ownCloud. In addition, all users can backup their data and migrate to another ownCloud instance with a few mouse clicks.

If you already have your own server, with ownCloud there’s no need to subscribe to expensive cloud hosting services like Dropbox, Box.net, OneDrive or MEGA. The project lets anyone to deploy their very own cloud service.