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Pocket Mortys 1.0.9-Morty-mon, or PokéMorty, I don’t know any more

Pocket Mortys is a self-aware Pokémon clone. It takes the core look and gameplay concepts of Nintendo’s monster battler and applies them to the universe of Adult Swim’s incredibly funny Rick and Morty.Playing as demented-scientist and grandfather Rick, you must travel across dimensions competing against other Ricks by battling your grandsons, Morty. Along the way you will build, level-up, and evolve your squad of various Mortys in your quest to get home.

Multidimensional Morty action

It is surprising just how openly Pocket Mortys replicates Pokémon in its gameplay and structure. You begin with the show’s Rick and his Morty’. Within moments your dimension is invaded by ‘Mysterious Rick’ and his beleaguered ‘Scruffy Morty’ – which is when the game, and this review, get confusing…Within moments, the Ricks begin a Morty battle. This introduces the Pokémon-styled combat. You can select to Attack, which offers you a maximum of four offensive options,Switch between your squad of up to five Mortys,Items to support your fighters,and Run to escape combat.The predictable result of this first battle is you pummeling Scruffy Morty until he is dazed. After his defeat, Mysterious Rick leaps through a portal back to his dimension, and you give chase.This results in your duo of Rick and Morty constantly jumping between visually distinct dimensions. In each you must battle other Morty collectors – apparently its all the rage at the moment – to collect badges and earn your way home. Again mimicking Pokémon and other monster battlers, Mortys have specific types that makes them stronger or weaker to others. In typical on-the-nose comedy fashion, the game just makes these rock, paper, and scissors. Easy to understand, while still adding depth.Various venders allow you to create and purchase new items. Some of these can but paid for with in-app purchases – and when you’re struggling it can be tempting to invest – but the difficulty balance means that if you are prepared to grind a little you can make it through without having to pay.The only vendors that you can’t find in most dimensions are the Healing Center and Morty Daycare. These revive and train your grandsons respectively, but only exist in the futuristic prime-dimension hub world – demanding you play carefully while exploring each individual little dimension.If the gameplay similarities weren’t enough, the visual style is also perfectly Pokémon. Squat little sprites are all brilliantly bold, and look fantastic against the huge range of backgrounds you encounter along the way. These are joined by audio samples from the shows cast, to feel authentically Rick and Morty-esq.

Got to catch ‘em all and get home

Pocket Mortys is a great game in its own right. Its polished, well designed, and – while its free-to-play hooks may be a little in your face at times – balanced.But its defiantly more fun if you have experience with the source materials. With this knowledge you will understand all of the comical nuances that the developer has woven into every fiber of the story and gameplay. ‘

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