A free and open-source BSD operating system for desktops based on the TrueOS distro.

Project Trident is a free and open-source computer operating system based on TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD), which, in turn, is based on the FreeBSD operating system. The main goal of Project Trident is to bring the BSD operating system to the massed, making it easier to use for beginners and advanced system administrators alike.

Boot options and supported architectures

Project Trident’s ISO image comes with standard BSD boot options that let you boot the operating system in single or multi-user mode, access the terminal prompt, select a kernel to load, enable various boot options like ACPI, Safe Mode, Single User, and Verbose, as well as to reboot the machine. Project Trident is only supported on 64-bit systems and requires installation as there’s no live version available.

Beautiful and modern Lumina desktop environment

The default graphical desktop environment of Project Trident is powered by the Lumina desktop, which is created by the developers of TrueOS. However, Project Trident uses a fully customized Lumina desktop environment that looks modern, it’s easy to use, and offers users several useful, in-house built utilities among many other popular apps.

Similar to TrueOS, Project Trident focuses on delivering a BSD experience for desktop users by providing them with weekly updates for all included packages, as well as system updates every six months. Furthermore, updates are performed only when you’re ready to apply them so you can use the operating system without waiting for system updates.

By default, Project Trident is immune to viruses and malware, includes a built-in firewall, comes with SSH (Secure Shell), including SSH root logins, disabled for an extra layer of protection, provides automatic notification of security advisories, offers AES instruction set (AESNI) support, includes sudo, and uses the ZFS enterprise-grade file system.

A modern BSD system for the masses

Project Trident lives up to its goals and it does provide a modern BSD operating system for the masses. TrueOS’s Lumina desktop environment is perfectly designed for beginners, and the included self-developed utilities are just what advanced system administrators need to perform their daily tasks. We recommend Project Trident to anyone who wants to run BSD on their PCs.

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