Raspbian is an open source operating system based on the award-winning Debian GNU/Linux distribution specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi computer board. It is an active development with an emphasis on improving the performance and the stability of as many Debian packages as possible.

Distributed as a Raspbian image

The Raspbian operating system is distributed as a Raspbian image, a binary file that users can download from Softpedia as deploy it onto a SD card, which can be booted on the Raspberry Pi computer. In addition, users can purchase high-quality, branded SDHC cards that contains the latest official stable release of the Raspbian operating system preinstalled on Pi Hut’s Raspberry Pi Store. The distribution is compatible with ARMv6 CPUs and higher

Uses the LXDE desktop environment

Raspbian uses LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) for its default graphical session, which looks traditional and comprises of a single taskbar located on the bottom edge of the screen. The taskbar includes several applets that allow you to cycle between virtual workspaces, interact with running programs, access essential system functions, as well as to launch your favorite applications.

Features more than 35,000 packages

Raspbian features more than 35,000 packages, pre-compiled software, bundled in a handy format that will allow anyone to easily install it on your Raspberry Pi. Among some of the most popular applications pre-loaded on Raspbian, we can mention the Midori web browser, Scratch offline editor for programmers, LXTerminal terminal emulator, Leafpad text editor, and many others.

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