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Shortwave 1.1.1

Listen to songs on over 25.000 online radio stations with the help of this simple little app

Traditional radio broadcasting is still decently relevant today, however, Internet radio is a very interesting, and potentially better alternative.

Thanks to a wider choice of variety, no geographical restraints, and improved sound quality, Internet radio can also be a nice (usually free) alternative to streaming services.

If you’re looking for a good online radio app for Linux, then you can give Shortwave a try.

Things you need to know about Shortwave

Shortwave is the creation of Alex Murray, an Ubuntu security staff engineer at Canonical Ltd. The app is named Shortwave because both Internet radio and shortwave radio signals share a lot of characteristics (mainly they can be received almost anywhere on Earth).

Shortwave can be installed from the SnapCraft store, and it provides you with access to over 25.000 Internet radio stations. To do this, it relies on the community database.

Small yet appropriate feature set

One of the best aspects of Shortwave is its seamless integration with the GNOME desktop environment. The app allows you to play radio stations locally on your computer, as well as on supported network devices (such as Google Chromecast).

Shortwave boasts a user-friendly GUI that makes it very easy for you to search for and discover new radio stations. It has automatic recognition of songs, and it even provides the option to save them individually. You can also create your own library, useful for adding your favorite stations.


According to some SnapCraft store reviews, you may encounter various little hiccups (such as small glitches and streaming interruptions), however, we suspect these issues have more to do with the quality of one’s Internet connection and not with the app itself.

To conclude, Shortwave is a great little app with a nice GUI and a wide selection of Internet radio stations. It’s fast, easy to use, and it worked great while we tested it.

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