A Lite edition of the open source Zorin OS Linux distribution, designed for old systems

Zorin OS Lite is an open source Linux-based operating system, with a look similar to the commercial Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows OSes. It is based on the Lubuntu distribution from Canonical and sports a lightweight desktop environment powered by the LXDE project.

A little bit of history, availability and boot options

The project provides a flexible and multi-functional Linux-based operating system with exclusive software. It has been designed from the ground up to be deployed on low-end machines, as well as computer with old hardware requirements.

Dubbed “The gateway to Linux,” the Zorin OS operating system is engineered in such a way that it can be used without much hassle by Linux newcomers, especially ex-Windows XP users who are looking for a good and reliable Linux distribution.

The distro is available for download as a single and hybrid Live DVD ISO image, designed to be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines. In order to boot from it, you can write the ISO image to a blank DVD or a USB flash drive.

When booting the OS, you’ll be prompted by a boot screen, from where you can start the live system with default settings (the first option) or in safe graphics mode, start the installer directly (not recommended), run a memory test, and boot an existing operating system installed on the first hard disk drive.

Easy to use desktop environment, familiar applications

As mentioned, LXDE takes care of the graphical session in Zorin OS Lite. It is features a single taskbar located at the bottom edge of the screen, allowing users to access the main menu, launch applications, as well as to interact with running programs and the functions of the system tray area.

Default applications include the Google Chrome web browser, Geary email client, Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger, AbiWord word processor, Audacious audio player, GNOME MPlayer video player, Gufw firewall, and Synaptic Package Manager.

Bottom line

All in all, Zorin OS Lite stands by its name, providing new Linux users with a stable, easy-to-use, reliable and above all that, free operating system that can replace your old Windows XP, on that dusty computer.

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