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antiX MX 15.01 / 16 RC1

antiX MX is an open source distribution of Linux based on the Debian GNU/Linux operating system and built around the lightweight Xfce desktop environment. It designed from the ground up to be used on 32-bit (x86 Intel/AMD) compatible machines.

Availability, supported architectures and boot options

The project is distributed as ISO images that can be easily burned to blank CD discs using any CD/DVD burning software or deployed on a USB thumb drive using the UNetbootin software. It supports 32-bit and 32-bit non-PAE architectures.

The boot menu provides users with the ability to run a memory test, boot an existing operating system, install the OS directly, or use different persistent modes for the live session (root, static and home). The persistent mode works only if the ISO images are written on USB sticks of 2GB or bigger, allowing users to save their live sessions (applications settings and small files).

Attractive desktop environment, great collection of applications

The live session is built around the lightweight Xfce desktop environment, but highly customized for speed. It’s comprised of a single taskbar, located on the left side of the screen, from where users can launch their favorite apps or access the main menu and the functions implemented in the system tray area.

Default applications include the QupZilla web browser, Claws Mail email client, Transmission torrent downloader, XChat IRC client, Clementine music player, VLC Media Player, Xfburn CD/DVD burning tool, Minitube YouTube player, LibreOffice office suite, Orange Calendar and Globaltime apps, PDF-Shuffler, qpdfview PDF viewer, and Mirage image viewer.

It also includes many other small, yet useful utilities like the luckyBackup backup and sync program, Catfish file search app, an archive and clipboard manager, a simple text editor, a calculator, a bulk rename tool, and many others.

Bottom line

Overall, it is a pretty fast Debian-based Linux operating system that supports old hardware and low-end machines. Its strong points are the beautiful, responsive graphical environment and a comprehensive collection of applications.