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Chakra GNU/Linux 2017.03 / 2018.12 RC1

Chakra GNU/Linux is an open source distribution of Linux a fork of the well known Arch Linux operating system, built around the powerful and modern KDE SC desktop environment. It features a graphical installer, automatic hardware detection/configuration, and various useful in-house build tools.

Availability, supported platforms, boot options

It is distributed as a single Live DVD ISO image, supporting only the 64-bit architecture. In order to boot from this ISO image, users must write it to a USB thumb drive of 2GB or higher capacity, as well as to a blank or RW DVD disc.

From the boot prompt, it is possible to start the operating system in live mode, using default settings or non-free drivers, boot an existing OS that is installed on the first disk drive, run a memory diagnostic test, as well as to view detailed information about the hardware components of your computer.

Futuristic graphical session powered by KDE

From the moment you boot the distribution, you can immediately notice that you’re dealing with something else, as the boot splash displays the day of the week and the current time. The KDE desktop environment has been greatly tweaked and customized with a pitch black theme and an informative widget.

Default applications include the Rekonq web browser, Kate advanced text editor, Marble virtual globe and world atlas, Zenmap port scanner, Konversation IRC client, Amarok audio player, FFADO Mixer FireWire audio mixer, Kdenlive video editor, Dragon Player video player, Yakuake drop-down terminal emulator, miniBackup backup utility, and K3b CD/DVD/BD burning software.

Bottom line

Overall, Chakra GNU/Linux is a powerful operating system that follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle and provides users with a pure, yet customized for performance KDE desktop environment. It features its own software repositories and a rolling-release model, which means that you will always have the latest release, without having to reinstall the entire system.

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