What’s new in Endless OS 3.6.0:

  • Desktop and base OS updates:
  • Endless OS is based on the GNOME desktop environment 2, the Debian GNU/Linux distribution 3 and the Linux kernel. In this release, we have updated the base OS packages to the latest versions from Debian “buster” (the forthcoming stable release), most desktop components to the versions from GNOME 3.32, and Linux kernel 5.0. This brings new features, performance improvements, hardware support and bug fixes.
  • Support for Docker-compatible containers:

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Endless OS is a free operating system created by Endless Computers, an OEM that managed to bring its Linux OS to the masses by shipping it pre-installed on numerous laptops.

These days, if you buy a new Linux laptop from your local hardware store, chances are it comes with Endless OS if not specified otherwise. And it turns out it’s a good choice for personal computers as it is packed with everything you need.

Easy to use desktop environment based on GNOME

Endless OS is built around GNOME, an open-source and very popular desktop environment for GNU/Linux distributions. However, Endless Computers managed to create their own interface for Endless OS to make it easier for newcomers to use Linux.

When starting Endless OS, users are welcomed by an app drawer from where they can immediately launch the apps they need. The OS is designed to work both online and offline, and you’ll be able to install any other app that you can think off.

But probably the best part of the user interface is that if offers special categories of applications. These include Astronomy, Cooking, Maternity, Health, Celebrities, Special Needs, Healthy Teeth, and more. There’s also a Wikipedia section that gives you access to more than 50,000 articles.

Over 100 apps are pre-installed, including an Android companion app

To satisfy the needs of everyone, Endless OS is bundled with more than 100 apps. From office suites and web browsers to educational software and games, Endless OS has everything you need right from the start so you won’t have to download and install additional content.

The latest version of Endless OS even brings an Android companion app that lets users sync their Android-powered mobile phones or tables with Endless OS. The Android app is available from the Google Play Store for free, just like Endless OS, which doesn’t have any hidden costs.

A great OS for the masses

In a very short time, Endless OS managed to become the operating system for the masses, and that’s mainly because it ships pre-installed with numerous laptops. Best of all, Endless Computers even sell their own mini PCs pre-loaded with Endless OS.

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