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FileZilla 3.37.1

FileZilla is a free, cross-platform and full-featured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) solution for the Linux and Open Source ecosystems. It is also compatible with the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Features at a glance

The application is easy to use, supports multiple languages, and provides users with support for encrypted file transfers, proxy, MODE Z transfer compression, and speed limits. It can be used to transfer files larger than 4GB, as well as to resume transfers. It supports well known file transfer protocols, including FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) and SFTP (SSH FTP). In addition, support for proxy includes SOCKS5, HTTP/1.1 and FTP-proxy.

It also comes with a powerful site manager that allows users to easily organize their FTP connections as they see fit. You will be able to add as many details about a connection as you want, including preferred encryption, logon type, comments, server type, proxy bypass, default local and remote directories, server timezone offset, transfer mode, and character encoding.

Among other unique features, we can mention support for bookmarks, drag and drop support, filename filters, editing of remote files, keep-alive support, remote file search, file logging support, IPv6 support, folder comparison, synchronized directory browsing, and network configuration wizard.

Offers a modern and familiar GUI with tabs

The program provides users with a modern, familiar and tabbed graphical user interface (GUI) that’s comprised of a main toolbar, quick connect bar, message log, local and remote directory trees, and transfer queue.

Although several distributions of Linux include FileZilla in their default software repositories, the project is distributed as source and binary archives, supporting both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware platforms.

Bottom line

It is without no doubt one of the best FTP clients available for the Open Source community. We strongly recommend to use it for all of your file transfer needs, or, if you use Mozilla Firefox, you can get the FireFTP add-on.

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