Flatpak is an open-source and free software that delivers one of the most used sandboxing and distribution frameworks for Linux applications. It’s a direct competitor to AppImage and Snap universal binary formats.

Flatpak was previoulsy known as XDG-Apps, but it got renamed to Flatpak since it was aquired by Red Hat. Now it benefits of a very active development cycle that bring new and innovative features to this sandboxing framework.

What’s new in Flatpak 1.3.3:

  • Fixed a crash in the system helper that made installation via the helper sometimes not work.
  • Fix build with older versions of glib
  • The list and remote-ls output is now less wide, not showing the appdata summary by default and only showing the archtecture and origin if necessary (i.e. not if its the same for all rows).
  • flatpak remote-ls now filters end-of-lifed apps by default.

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