A Flickr client for the GNOME desktop environment and all GNU/Linux operating systems

Frogr is an open source, free, small, easy-to-use, attractive, modern, fast and cross-platform graphical software specifically designed for the GNOME desktop environment, allowing users to easily and quickly upload photos from their desktops to a Flickr account. It integrates perfectly with the GNOME Shell interface.

Flickr is the world’s most popular and free image hosting platform, powered by Yahoo!. With Frogr, you will be able to manage your Flickr account from the comfort of your desktop. The application supports Flickr’s basic features, such as image upload, image description, image tags, as well as management of sets and groups pools.

Easily upload photos and videos to Flickr

The software helps you to easily upload local or remote photos and videos to Flickr. For remote connections it makes use of the Samba (SMB), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and SSH (Secure Shell) protocols. Before the actual upload, users will be able to specify description, tags, title, content type, visibility, and safety levels for the media files.

Another interesting feature is the ability to use projects, allowing you to save and load work sessions. This feature is very useful when you have numerous media files that you want to upload to Flickr, in different sets.

Handles multiple Flickr accounts

Frogr handles multiple Flickr accounts, it is translated in many languages, supports HTTP proxies, supports geolocation information for image files, supports specific licenses, supports import of tags from the metadata information of the image files during upload, lets you to create sets, and offers a command-line interface.

Supported on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE and Arch Linux

Users of the Debian Wheezy or higher, Ubuntu 11.10 and higher, Fedora 15 or later, openSUSE and Arch Linux distributions can easily install the Frogr application using the integrated package manager of their operating system. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit machines. Additionally, the software can also be installed on the Mac OS X operating system.

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