GeeXboX is an open source, freely distributed and small GNU/Linux operating system that provides a minimalistic Live CD derived from the popular Debian GNU/Linux distribution and built around the powerful XBMC Media Center application.

Transforms a regular PC into a veritable HTPC system

It can run on any machine and with a little bit of magic, and the power of the Linux kernel, GeeXboX can easily transform your personal computer into a veritable HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) system in a few seconds. The first generation GeeXboX was based on the MPlayer media player software. Most probably, the third generation GeeXboX will be based on Kodi.

Distributed as 32 and 64-bit Live CDs

GeeXboX is distributed as two Live CD ISO images, supporting both 32 and 64-bit computer platforms. It is especially designed to load into RAM and run from there, allowing you to eject the bootable medium (a.k.a CD disc).

Both Live CDs come with the same boot options, allowing the user to start the live system with normal options or in debugging mode, as well as to directly install the distribution on your computer’s disk drive.

Watch quality movies with XBMC Media Center

XBMC (now known as Kodi) Media Center is a powerful software that allows you to watch quality movies that you’ve previously downloaded, as well as to view your entire photo collection, listen to your music library, watch DVD-Video movies, and TV programs.

The XMBC interface will load in about 5 seconds from the moment you boot the ISO image from the BIOS of your computer using either a CD disc or a USB thumb drive. XMBC is being known for its powerful plugin architecture that allows you to extend its default capabilities and add support for many devices, media servers, and other technologies.

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