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GNOME Clocks 3.30.1

GNOME Clocks is an open source project that provides users with a simple clock application, specifically designed for the modern GNOME desktop environment. It displays the local time of any place in the world.

Features at a glance

The application supports four view modes, World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer, changeable from the main toolbar. The default one is World Clock, which displays the time of multiple locations.

Each new entry will be added after the previous one and there’s no way for the user to change their initial order. All you can do is to to click on them to view sunrise and sunset time. They all look the same, no matter the time of day.

The Alarm and Stopwatch modes

The Alarm mode works pretty much the same as the World Clock mode, only that you can add alarms for specific hours instead of locations. An alarm can be active or inactive, repeated on one or more days, and renamed.

While the Stopwatch mode offers a very basic stopwatch with laps, the Time mode will provide users with an even more basic timer function that features hours, minutes and seconds. Pause and resume functionality is integrated in both of them.

Designed for GNOME

The program is distributed on Linux platforms as part of the GNOME project, installable from the default software channels of your operating system. It is also available for download as a source archive.

It is important to mention here that even if it’s distributed as part of the GNOME desktop environment, GNOME Clocks can act as a standalone application on other open source desktop environments.

Bottom line

We strongly believe that future versions of the application should be integrated into the GNOME Shell user interface, especially the panel, or at least as part of the GNOME Weather application. Other than that, it is a good world clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer application for the GNOME desktop environment.

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