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GNOME Music 3.28.2 / 3.30.0 Beta 1

GNOME Music is an open source project designed for the GNOME desktop environment. It provides users with a basic, yet modern music player graphical application. The application is part of the new re-design of the GNOME desktop environment, as well as a replacement for the Rhythmbox audio playback application. It follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines (HIG).

Features at a glance

It allows users to listen to local and online/cloud collections, audio files located on attached devices, music shared by friends, or audiobooks. In addition, it lets users to share music, upload music, and playback files from DLNA media servers.

Offers a minimalistic user interface

The program provides users with one of the most minimalistic user interfaces found on a music playback application. By default it displays thumbnails (if artwork is available) for all the music albums found in the Music folder from your Home directory. Double clicking an album will display all the songs from that album, as well as some basic information like running length and release date.

Two more views are provided, Artists, which displays all the artists in a sidebar, and Songs, which will list all your tracks. You can also search for a song or artist, create playlists, shuffle an album or playlist, as well as to repeat a song or all songs. The currently playing song will be displayed at the bottom of the window at all times. Additionally, the application displays notifications every time a new track starts.

Designed for GNOME

It is distributed as a standalone package with a couple of dependencies, which means that it can be easily installed and used in any other open source desktop environment. If you like the simplicity of GNOME apps, you will love this application when interacting with your music collection.

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