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GNOME User Docs 3.32.3 / 3.34.0 Beta

What’s new in GNOME User Docs 3.34.0 Beta:

  • Updates to GNOME Help (Michael Hill, David King, Petr Kovar, Jim Campbell, Sebastian Rasmussen)
  • Updates to System Admin Guide (Petr Kovar)
  • Updated translations:

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GNOME User Docs (gnome-user-docs) is an open source and freely distributed package that contains comprehensive documentation for all users of the GNOME desktop environment, including manual pages for numerous GNOME-related applications, displayed to users via the GNOME Help app.

Shipped with GNOME

The gnome-user-docs package is comprised of many documents, and it is shipped in the core GNOME distribution. They are mainly targeted for end-users of the GNOME desktop environment and have general GNOME applicability. The documentation is accompanied by images in order to help users understand better various functions of the respective applications.

Can be accessed through the F1 key

The GNOME Documentation Project (GDP) is responsible for the documentation included in the gnome-user-docs package. Users can access the documentation provided by this package directly from their GNOME desktop environment, simply by pressing the F1 key on their keyboard anywhere on the desktop. The GNOME Help window will pop-up, allowing you to search for a specific item.

Supported languages

At the moment, the GNOME documentation is officially translated in numerous languages, including English, Catalan, Czech, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Galician, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Greek.

What GNOME apps/components have documentation?

Many of the central GNOME applications, as well as its essential components have documentation oriented towards end-users. Among the most popular apps and components that have documentation in this package, we can mention GNOME Online Accounts, Bluetooth, GNOME Clocks, GNOME Control Center, GNOME Contacts, Disks, Nautilus (Files), GNOME Classic, GNOME Power Manager, Printing, Sharing, GNOME Shell, and Wacom.

What about developer-related documentation?

The GNOME Project also comes with comprehensive documentation for developers who want to create rich applications for the GNOME desktop environment. It is available for download separately, as a package called gnome-devel-docs, which can be downloaded from Softpedia.

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