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Just Perfection 20

GNOME is not exactly known for its out-of-the-box flexibility, but there’s a lot one can change with the help of various shell extensions.

GNOME Shell extensions definitely improve the whole user experience, but if you’re really a hardcore GNOME user then definitely know about Just Perfection.

Just Perfection is an all-in-one Shell tweak suite that aims to replace most of the single-purpose extensions that one might want to install in order to tweak both GNOME’s looks and functionality. In short, it allows you to make the GNOME desktop your own.

What exactly does it do?

To be honest, there’s very little the Just Perfection shell extension doesn’t do.

For example, it lets you change the notification banner position, search for things in apps or in the Activities Overview, disable various elements from the panel (such as Clock Menu, Keyboard Layout, Accessibility Menu, Power Icon, etc), as well as disable many of GNOME’s default behavior actions.

Additionally, the extension also allows you to set custom sizes for the Workspace Switcher, adjust the Panel’s corner sizes, override the default GNOME shell theme, speed up or slow down animations (or disable them entirely), as well as disable or enable a wide range of UI elements in order to achieve either a minimalist or a more comprehensive experience with the GNOME desktop.


Just Perfection is definitely a must-have for every user out there who wants a bit more flexibility from their computer’s GNOME desktop environment.

It might not have all the possible tweak options out there, but it does a pretty good job at replacing 90% of the single-purpose shell extensions out there. Please note that you might be required to restart the GNOME desktop before various effects/changes take place.