KaOS is an open source Linux distribution built around the KDE Plasma Workspaces and Application project, as well as the pacman package manager software from the Arch Linux operating system.

Distributed as a 64-bit Live DVD

The system is distributed as a single Live DVD ISO image that supports only 64-bit hardware platforms. It can be written to a blank DVD disc with any CD/DVD burning software, or a USB flash drive using the UNetbootin application.

KaOS is completely independent and provides users with a rolling-release system, which will make sure that their installations will always be up-to-date without requiring them to download a new ISO image and upgrade the entire OS.

Boot options

The boot medium allows users to run the live environment with support for Nvidia and AMD/ATI Radeon graphics cards, run a memory test, detect the hardware components, or boot the currently installed operating system.

Based on Arch Linux and built around KDE

As mentioned, the live session is powered by the KDE project, which provides a modern computing experience with a neat collection of hand picked open source application for common tasks.

Its main goal is to be small and fully focused on KDE and Qt technologies. It is based on the Arch Linux operating system and uses the pacman application as its default package manager for installing, removing and updating software packages.

One of its key features is the graphical installer provided on the Live DVD, which not only that allows novice users to install the operating system with only a few mouse clicks, but it also provides advanced configuration options for experienced Linux users.

Default applications

Default applications include the QupZilla web browser, Calligra office suite, Quassel IRC client, Krita digital painting software, Clementine music player, Plasma Media Center, Kdenlive video editor, Dragon Player video player, and many others.

Even if it’s based on the Arch Linux operating system, KaOS has its own software repositories comprised of Core, Main and Apps groups, which will give users quick access to some of the best and useful applications, libraries and core components.

Bottom line

If you like KDE and Arch Linux-based distributions, you should really give KaOS a try. Who knows, it might become your only operating system.

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