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Khronos 3.7.0

When it comes to improving one’s work performance and productivity, every little detail is of the utmost importance. One of the first steps towards achieving godlike focus and productivity is tracking your work.

Tracking one’s work to the task can yield a ton of benefits and useful insights. Armed with said knowledge, you can then see exactly where the most time is lost, improve resource allocation, and profitability, and generally improve the process altogether.

Khronos – probably the simplest time tracking app for Linux

Tons of enterprise-grade services and platforms offer advanced time tracking and task management features, however, not all users need all that “firepower.”

Enter Khronos, a lightweight, simple, yet very efficient time tracking app for the GNOME environment.

Just how simple is it?

Let us put it this way, you don’t get any fancy features such as automatic task tracking. In fact, when it comes to how Khronos operates, everything is done manually by you, the user.

You get to choose when you start logging a task’s completion time, and you also get to stop, restart the time, and pause the timer anytime you choose to. Other noteworthy little features include notifications for longer task sessions, the ability to import logs from and export them to CSV, and the ability to quit the app with the shortcut of CTRL+Q, and that’s really about it.


OK, so, Khronos is a bare-bones task tracking app. It doesn’t feature any of the modern or advanced features (task tracking automation, review and report on task performance, etc.), but it gets the job done.

In short, it provides a straightforward way to manage and review your productivity. That is, of course, if don’t mind doing everything yourself and pressing a few buttons in the process.