Midori is an open source piece of software that provides users with a lightweight and minimal WebKit-based web browser application that can easily replace more complex and sophisticated Internet surfing utilities.

Features at a glance

Key features include full GTK+ integration, very fast rendering of web pages using the latest WebKit engine, session management, tabbed browsing, flexible web search, and highly extensible through JavaScript.

It comes with support for the HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies, user styles and user scripts, and custom context menu actions. An easy-to-use bookmark management component, as well as a beautiful, extensible and customizable interface are also some of its strong points.

Among other features, we can mention automatic detection of Atom, RSS and XML news feeds, a customizable Speed Dial, built-in spell checker, as well as a powerful download manager.

The application has been created with privacy in mind, keeping users data safe and secure. It includes a handful of privacy tools, such as script disabling, automatic history clearing and stripping of referrer details, as well as third-party cookie blocker, cookie manager, and integrated adblocker.

Simply beautiful

Midori comes with a modern, customizable and easy to use graphical user interface, that not only integrates well in GTK+-based desktop environment, such as GNOME, Xfce, MATE or Cinnamon, but it also lets users to quickly access all of its settings with a click of a button, Chrome style.

It provides users with built-in support for popular search engines, as well as well known websites, including Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Rdio, and Spotify. Additionally, the Speed Dial functionality is quite spectacular. You start with a single thumb, and you can add as many as you want.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Midori a fast, lightweight, simple, easy to use, and highly customizable web browser application that can easily replace Epiphany, Rekonq, Chromium, and even Google Chrome.

It is used in many Linux distributions as the default web browser, but it can also be installed on the Microsoft Windows operating system, or used across multiple computers as a portable version.

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