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nnn 2.5

What’s new in nnn 2.5:

  • plugin support. 19 plugins added. Some are:
  • pdfview: view a PDF in pager
  • nmount: (un)mount a storage device
  • ndiff: file and directory diff for selection

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nnn is a free and open-source file management utility that’s extremely lightweight and very fast as it has a small footprint and features highly optimized code. It can be integrated into any desktop environment or window manager with ease and its features can be expended through scripts. 

The file manager for ninjas 

Dubbed by its developers as the “snappy file manager for ninjas,” nnn is not only easily accessible from the command-line due to its name, but it’s super fast as the binary is around 50KB in size and the entire application uses about 3.5MB RAM. Of course, that’s only possible because it runs in the terminal. 

Features a glance 

Despite being a command-line utility, nnn doesn’t lack in features. It comes with three modes, detail view, disk usage analyzer, and file picker, support for bookmarks and keyboard shortcuts, sorting by file name, size, and modification time, instant filtering with search-as-you-type, substring and regex mach, as well as subtree search. 

nnn also features support for mime types so you can open certain files in specific apps, support for creating, listing, and extracting archives, Unicode support, batch rename, support for creating and renaming files and directories, link selection, and the ability to view detailed file and media information. 

Own scripts repository, or create your own 

Probably the best thing about nnn is that it’s expendable with scripts, so you can have even more features than the ones that are already there by default. There’s a scripts repository in place at for you to expend its abilities, and it’s also possible to create your own scripts. 

Works seamlessly with your favorite GNU/Linux distro and desktop environment 

nnn is an independent application capable of running on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution there is, as well as on macOS, BSD, Termux on Android, Raspberry Pi boards, Cygwin, and even the Linux Subsystem for Windows. It also works seamlessly with any desktop environment or window manager.


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