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Porteus Cinnamon 3.2.2 / 4.0 RC4

Porteus Cinnamon is an open source Linux operating system, a community-driven remix of the Slax distribution. It is based on Slackware Linux and built around theCinnamon project.

Porteus is known for featuring its own Software Center application that allows novices to install, updated and remove packages from the system, a unique dependency-resolving package manager, support for multiple languages, and an ultra fast boot process.

Distributed as 32-bit and 64-bit Live CDs

This edition is distributed as two Live CD hybrid ISO images that can run on both 64-bit and 32-bit instruction set architectures. After download, one can burn the ISO image to a blank CD disc or write it into a USB flash drive (recommended for persistence sessions).

Boot options

The boot menu of the Live CD is exactly the same as on other Porteus editions, allowing users to copy the live session to RAM (requires at least 1GB of system memory), boot the live environment in text mode, initialize a PXE server, boot the currently installed OS, or access the PLoP boot manager.

Similar to other Porteus flavors, the Cinnamon edition is also persistent by default. This means that users can modify and save configuration files or downloaded documents, but only if they boot from a USB flash drive.

Cinnamon is in charge of the graphical session

As mentioned, the modern and beautiful Cinnamon desktop environment is in charge of the graphical session of this edition. It provides users with a single taskbar located on the bottom of the screen, from where they can launch applications, switch between virtual workspaces or interact with opened apps and the system tray area.

Default applications

Default applications include the PCManFM file manager, GNOME MPlayer video player, Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger, Geany IDE, Audacious audio player, Transmission torrent downloader, uGet download manager, and Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Bottom line

Summing up, Porteus Cinnamon proved to be an extremely fast Linux distribution that includes a collection of hand picked applications for common tasks, perfect for a low-end personal computer or laptop.