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PowerDNS 4.1.1

PowerDNS is a free and open source daemon nameserver that provides high-performance and can be modelled to act as an advanced and modern authoritative-only nameserver on GNU/Linux operating systems, as well as BSD distributions.

A DNS server written from scratch

PowerDNS is written from scratch, conforms with all relevant DNS standards documents, and interfaces with almost any database. It is distributed in multiple, separate packages, including pdns, powerdns-server, pdns-recursor and pdns-server.

Uses a flexible backend architecture

The application uses a flexible backend architecture that allows access to DNS information from any data source, including file formats, relational databases, LDAP directories, and Bind zone files.

PowerDNS is configured by default to serve all information directly from a database, which results in unmatched maintainability of your DNS information. It is available on all major Linux distributions.

Who uses PowerDNS?

Several domain name hosting companies and domain registrars use the PowerDNS software to handle thier services, including BIT Internet Technology, Hostnet, Totaalnet Internet Works, Oxilion, WebReus, and

Under the hood and availability

The software is written entirely in the C++ programming language and it’s distributed as pre-built binary packages in the DEB and RPM file format, supporting both 64-bit and 32-bit hardware platforms.

Being an open source software project, PowerDNS is also available for download as a universal sources archive, allowing users to optimize it for a specific hardware architecture and operating systems.