What’s new in Quadrapassel 3.34.1:

  • Added translation support updates for Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Polish, Hungarian, Persian, Italian, Czech and Danish.
  • Snap, updated the YAML to using the GNOME extension

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Quadrapassel is an open source and freely distributed piece of software designed from the ground up to implement a Tetris-like game for the GNOME desktop environment. In this game, players need to fit falling blocks together, with the ultimate goal to create as many complete horizontal lines as possible and get the highest score.

How to play Quadrapassel?

Just like any other normal Tetris game, the lines are made from seven different shapes. The shapes will fall randomly, from the top center of the screen. The player’s task is to move and rotate the shapes across the screen in order to make complete lines, which result in score points, giving them access to higher levels, keeping in mind that the speed of the falling blocks will increase.

Users will be able to set numerous options

From the Preferences dialog, users will be able to set the total number of pre-filled rows (default is 0), set the density of blocks in a pre-filled row (default is 5), set the starting level (default is 1), as well as to enable or disable sound, preview of the next block, ability to rotate blocks counterclockwise, difficult blocks, and hints.

You will be able to view and control the blocks

In addition, you will be able to remap the controls to different keys on your keyboard, as well as to choose from one of the four pre-defined themes, Clean (default), Tango Shaded, Tango Flat, and Plain. The GUI front-end is comprised of the play area where you will be able to view and control the blocks, and a side pane that displays the next block, the total score, lines completed, and current level.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Quadrapassel is a simple board game that lets you play Tetris under the GNOME desktop environment in style. It is distributed as part of the GNOME Games project and can be easily installed from the default software channels of your GNU/Linux distribution.

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