Transform your Raspberry Pi device into a genuine picture frame slideshow platform

Raspberry Slideshow (formerly Raspberry Picture Frame) is an open source and freely distributed Linux-based operating system that will transform your Raspberry Pi device into a veritable and gracious slideshow viewer or digital photo frame platform.

How it works

It has been designed from the ground up to allow the user to view all of his or her images on the tiny Raspberry Pi computer board when attached to a monitor or any other type of LCD screen. It’s oriented towards quick-to-set-up image slideshows.

To make it work, insert an USB flash drive that contains all of the images that you want to view (a text file with URLs of remote images is also supported) and boot from the Live system. The Raspberry Slideshow OS will automatically detect the images and display them as a slideshow, using a full-screen mode.

In order to exit the full-screen view, the Raspberry Pi device must be rebooted. Being based on the latest Linux technologies, this operating system is very secure and hacker-proof, which means that it is targeted at both outdoor and indoor use.

Installation instructions

In order to use this operating system on your Raspberry Pi computer, you’ll first have to download the zip archive and extract the ISO image from it. Then, write the ISO image to the a SD card with the dd command in GNU/Linux or Mac OS X systems, or with the Win32DiskImager app in Microsoft Windows.

Next, you must plug the SD card into the Raspberry Pi device and reboot it. After that, if the USB stick with the images is inserted, the operating system will automatically detect it and display them as explained above. It is recommended to use a SDHC class 10 memory card.

Bottom line

Summing up, Raspberry Slideshow is a great ARM operating system for the Raspberry Pi computer board, allowing anyone to transform it into a modern digital picture frame with minimum effort.

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