Raspberry WebKiosk is an open source, browser-based and secure operating system especially designed to be deployed on hotels, schools, public libraries, hospitals, offices, Internet Cafe or other small businesses where the need for inexpensive kiosks is imminent.

It’s distributed as an ARM ISO image

This special kiosk-oriented distribution of Linux is available for download from Softpedia or directly from the project’s website as a Live DVD ISO image archived with the zip compression method. It supports only the ARM instruction set architecture of the Raspberry Pi board.

How to use the ISO image

It’s not so complicated to create a bootable medium of the Raspberry WebKiosk operating system. All you have to do, is to extract the zip archive and write the ISO image onto a SD card of 4GB or higher capacity, which can be later booted from the Raspberry Pi computer board.

Supports all Raspberry Pi models

As its name suggests, Raspberry WebKiosk is an operating system that runs only on the Raspberry Pi microcomputers, providing a cheap web kiosk and multi-user web workstation. It has been designed from the offset to support all Raspberry Pi models.

Backed by the Chromium web browser

Being a browser-only and hacker-proof operating system, Raspberry WebKiosk was specifically crafted to be used for Internet browsing purposes only. It makes use of the popular and powerful Chromium web browser.

A port of Instant WebKiosk/UB for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry WebKiosk is actually a port of the powerful Instant WebKiosk/UB OS created by the same developer, but for personal computers, as a browser-only distribution in the style of the JustBrowsing Linux distribution or Google’s Chrome OS operating system.

The cheapest web kiosk ever created

If you don’t want to invest in an expensive kiosk solution, then you should know that the Raspberry WebKiosk operating system is the cheapest web kiosk ever created. It features full internationalization, printing support, as well as support for both wireless and wired networks.