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SeaMonkey 2.48

SeaMonkey is an open source project, a special software that provides users with a suite of Internet related application, including a web browser, newsgroup and feed client, advanced e-mail and IRC clients, as well as several HTML editing tools.

SeaMonkey is a freely distributed project developed by the Mozilla Corporation, the creator of the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird email client. It is distributed as both source and binary archives.

Includes web browser, email and chat clients

Being a Mozilla project, the Internet browser included in SeaMonkey is based on the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. In addition, the email client is based on the well known Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

On the other hand, the integrated IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client is backed by the Chatzilla software. Also, an easy-to-use HTML Editor provides users with powerful JavaScript debugger and DOM Inspector tools.

Features at a glance

It can import feeds, email accounts, bookmarks and other data from an existing installation of either Mozilla Thunderbird or Mozilla Firefox apps. It can also be used as a replacement for both of them.

The web browser component is the one that opens when users start SeaMonkey for the first time. Using shortcuts placed on the left side of the status bar, they can also open an email client, an IRC client, an addressbook, and an advanced HTML composer.

Well, here comes the bad part of this project: all the aforementioned components will open in separate windows. This way, you will end up using the same amount of opened windows like you would if you have used separate apps.

If you like Mozilla products, please stick with the regular Mozilla Firefox web browser and/or Mozilla Thunderbird email client. We see no reason to use SeaMonkey if you already use any of the above.

Bottom line

Again, the software is redundant to anyone who already uses an email client, a web browser, a capable HTML editor and an IRC client. Please stick with those, they are much better than SeaMonkey.