siduction KDE is a free, open source and modern operating system forked from the aptosid Linux distribution, based on the latest “unstable” branch of the Debian GNU/Linux distro, and built around the eye-candy KDE SC desktop environment. It is oriented towards desktop users who are looking for an alternative to commercial operating systems, such as Windows XP.

Availability, boot options and supported architectures

The KDE edition of siduction can be downloaded as Live DVD ISO images, specifically engineered to support both 64-bit (amd64) and 32-bit (i386) instruction set architectures. The boot prompt is quite complex, allowing users to start the live environment with default options or in safe graphics mode, boot an exiting operating system from the first disk drive, as well as to run a system memory test.

In addition, the user can change the language for the live session (English US is the default one), select a specific timezone, change the source media, add extra kernel parameters, additional boot options and specific drivers.

Fancy desktop environment powered by KDE SC

As its name suggests, siduction KDE features the beautiful and productive KDE Plasma Workspace and Applications desktop environment. It provides users with a modern graphical session comprised of a single taskbar located at the bottom edge of the screen, from where they can quickly access the main menu, launch applications and interact with running programs.

Default applications include the ExpoBlending exposure blending software, digiKam photo management program, KTorrent torrent downloader, Kopete instant messenger, Konqueror and Iceweasel web browsers, K3b CD/DVD/BD burning software, VLC Media Player, and Kaffeine video player.

Bottom line

All in all, siduction KDE is a beautiful, stable and reliable operating system that showcases the latest Debian GNU/Linux technologies into a Linux distribution powered by the resource hungry KDE Software Compilation. Separate siduction editions with the GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, Razor-qt and LXQt desktop environments are availble for download on Softpedia.