siduction MATE is an open source operating system, a distribution of Linux built around the lightweight, easy-to-use, advanced and fast MATE desktop environment for the X Window System, which is based on the latest Qt technologies.

Availability, supported architectures and boot options

The Razor-qt edition of siduction Linux is available for download as a Live CD ISO image, supporting the amd64/64-bit architecture. In order to boot them from the BIOS of any computer, the user can burn the ISO images to blank CD discs or write them on USB sticks of 1GB or higher capacity.

Default boot options include the ability to start the live environment with default settings, start the live environment in safe graphics mode, boot from the first disk drive, as well as to run a memory diagnostic test using the award winning Memtest86+ utility.

In addition to the above, the user can add additional options to the aforementioned boot entries, change the language for the live session (default is English US), use a custom timezone, change the boot source, add extra kernel parameters and additional drivers.

Modern and advanced desktop session with great apps and effects

The MATE desktop environment allows users to easily and quickly access the pre-installed applications, as well as to interact with running programs and the functions implemented in the system tray area, thanks to its modern and advanced taskbar, which is located on the bottom edge of the screen.

Default applications include the Ceni network card configuration utility, HexChat IRC client, QupZilla web browser, qBittorrent torrent downloader, XSane image scanner, ScreenGrab desktop screenshot utility, JuffEd text editor, Qlipper cliboard manager, Warlock Bar, Zim data manager, qtFM file manager, Clementine audio player, and VLC Media Player.

Bottom line

As expected, the siduction MATE operating system provides users with a modern, fast and lightweight distribution of Linux that can be used to turn old and semi-old machines into powerful workstations.