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Sleek 1.1.9 / 1.2.0 RC 3

Regardless of what’s your OS of choice, there’s an abundance of to-do apps out there.

One very good app of this sort is Sleek, a modern, free, open-source, and cross-platform to-do list utility for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Basic information about Sleek

Before anything else, here’s what you should know about Sleek. It’s an Electron app (more specifically, it’s an Electron-based GUI for todo.txt), meaning it uses Chromium and Node.js as its base.

As for Todo.txt, it’s a text-based file system with its own markup sytax that allows you to create to-do lists. In fact, Todo.txt is one of the most popular platforms for various mobile, CLI-based, and desktop apps of this sort out there.

Simplicity at its finest

Sleek is all about providing you with a clean experience. Its GUI is modern, and quite stylish, and you’re provided with a set of simple features and no other useless elements that might detract from getting things done quickly and efficiently.

You can create checklists with all your tasks, filter them via a tag-based system, and use the app’s customizable grouping full-text search in order to retrieve information quickly.

A very nice feature is the ability to add recurring tasks. Once you mark a task as complete, it is automatically archived. You can also choose to show or hide these completed tasks (and even sort them based on priority).

There’s also a nifty little Settings section that allows you to change various aspects, including choosing the between various GUI themes (Light, Dark, and System).


Taking everything into account, Sleek is not particularly impressive.

Even so, it’s a damn fine to-do list app. Yes, it’s Electron-based which won’t sit well with all users out there, but the results are quite nice: it looks modern, it feels fast and responsive, and it offers enough features and customization options to keep most usesrs happy.