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Smjrifle Text Converter 1.0

Smjrifle Text Converter is a free and cross-platform text converter written in the universal Java programming language and designed to allow users to convert between a variety of strings, including ASCII, HEX, Base64, Binary, Octal, and many other hash algorithms.

Decodes text from all supported formats

Apart from allowing users to convert text between the wide range of supported formats, Smjrifle Text Converter can also be used to decode the text from the formats mentioned above. Among the supported checksum algorithms, we can mention SHA1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD2, and MD5.

The app is extremely simple to use and allows conversion between all types without limits. The text to be converted or decoded can be either typed by hand in the respective box or pasted from clipboard, and Smjrifle Text Converter will make all operations in real time, letting you save the output to clipboard.

Requires no installation

Being written in Java, Smjrifle Text Converter will run on all computer operating systems that support the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows, and macOS. On Linux, the app should run on any GNU/Linux distro as long as Oracle Java JRE or OpenJDK JRE is installed.

Once you’ve downloaded the .jar archive from the downloads section, you can run Smjrifle Text Converter by opening a terminal emulator, navigate to the location where the .jar archive is saved and execute the java -jar “Smjrifle Text Converter.jar” command, but make sure you have executable permissions.

To make the file executable, you’ll have to execute the chmod u+x “Smjrifle Text Converter.jar” command in the terminal emulator. A shell script can be created if you want to open the app with a simple double mouse click, where you will have to add the java -jar “Smjrifle Text Converter.jar” command and save it with the .sh extension, then make it executable with the chmod u+x command.

System requirements