What’s new in SOFA Statistics 1.5.0:

  • Adds option of worked examples for the following statistical tests:
  • Mann-Whitney U
  • Wilcoxon’s Signed Ranks
  • Spearman’s Rho

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SOFA Statistics is an open source and free graphical software implemented in Python/wxPythhon and designed from the offset as a statistics, analysis and reporting application for your GNU/Linux operating system.

Outputs beautiful and attractive formats

The program is database friendly, spreadsheet friendly, outputs beautiful and attractive formats that can be shared easily, and features automated reporting. Being written in Python, it can be easily used with any GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X operating system.

SOFA Statistics lets users create charts, produce attractive report tables, as well as to perform a range of basic statistical tests. SOFA Statistics is the perfect tool for researchers, students, data analysts, and anyone who wants to understand their data.

An application like no other, with a unique interface

The graphical user interface (GUI) of SOFA Statistics is unique, like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It allows the user to quickly get started with the program by offering step-by-step examples with screenshots.

You will be able to enter data into a fresh data table or select an existing table to edit or add data to. For tables in the SOFA database, you will be able to rename data tables, add, delete or rename fields, change the datatype of fields, as well as to recode values from one field into another.

From the “Import Data” button, you will be able to import data, such as a spreadsheet (Google Docs, Excel, Open Document) or CSV file. In order to connect to a database, you must click on the “Select Project” button and configure the connection settings.

The Report Tables functionality allows you to make report tables, such as Gender vs Age. It is possible to create simple Crosstabs, Frequency Tables, Row Stats Tables, as well as simple lists of data. In addition, you can create attractive charts with dynamic visual effects.

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