SUSE Linux Enterprise is a commercial Linux kernel-based operating system that can be deployed as a general-purpose server or desktop platform or tailored for use in information kiosks, call-centre terminals, as well as stations for infrequent PC users.

Features at a glance

Key features include full system rollback, the ability to exploit the RAS functionality of your hardware platform, security standards compliance, clustering support, Linux containers, SUSE customer center, Docker support, Samba 4, IPv6 support, flexible deployment, VMware tools integration, unattended and interactive upgrades, SUSE SolidDriver, YaST, KIWI support, as well as certified applications and hardware.

Distributed in two editions

SUSE Linux Enterprise is the general name of the project, which comprises of two editions: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. On this page, we review the features of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server edition.

The Server edition of SUSE Linux Enterprise is distributed as fully functional ISO images that can be evaluated for 60 days. After that, you will have to purchase a full license, which will give you instant access to all of its features and functionality.

Supported hardware and pricing

Supported server hardware include Intel (32-bit and 64-bit), AMD (32-bit and 64-bit), Intel Itanium, as well as IBM Power and System Z. For the latter, Novell provides users with an 180-day of software maintenance.

Pricing starts from 290 EUR (368 USD) for the Basic edition, which offers an one year subscription with self support and free software upgrades/updates, 670 EUR (850 USD) for the Standard edition, and 1,250 EUR (1588 USD) for the Priority edition.

An advanced server solution for your business

Despite the fact that it is not a free software, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server provides you with an advanced server solution for your business. However, do not hesitate to check the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop product if you want to deploy enterprise-grade workstations on your coompany.

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