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Terminology 1.5.0

Terminology is an open source software project, a terminal emulator application that runs on top of the X Window System on a wide range of GNU/Linux operating systems. It is specifically designed to be deployed along with the Enlightenment desktop environment.

Features at a glance

Key features include the ability to emulate a somewhat extended VT100 with various plugins and some eye-candy, XTerm supported escapes (including 256 color), RXVT support, support for backgrounds (can be animated gifs, bitmaps, videos, or scalable/vector images), transparency, as well as support for scalable and bitmap fonts.

Among other features, we can mention support for Wayland and X.Org display servers, media streaming support, file path support, URL and email address detection, link handling, inline display of link content, support for multiple copy/paste selections, and buffer support.

Additionally, the application works well on the Linux framebuffer, can be easily controlled with a finget on a touch screen, uses a tabbed interface, and supports drag & drop of links and text selections.

Under the hood and availability

The application is written with the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) project for the well known Enlightenment desktop environment. It is available for download as a source archive for configuring, compiling and installing the software on any Linux OS.

However, because it can run as a standalone application on any other open source desktop environment, the best way to install Terminology on your Linux distribution is by using the packages from the official software repositories, as long as all requirements are met.

Bottom line

Terminology is a terminal emulator like no other, providing users with the future of terminal emulator apps. While it features a beautiful and attractive design, it includes a ton of powerful functions, making it the number one choice for developers, programmers and anyone else who works a lot in the Linux console.

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